RouterOS is the flag product of the company MikroTik and is a powerful router software. One of its many abilities is to allow control over it via an API. This package provides a client for that API, in turn allowing you to use PHP to control RouterOS hosts.

Release Notes - 1.0.0b2

A lot of new conviniences and a few bug fixes.

  • Added __invoke() at Client, Communicator, Message, Request and ResponseCollection.
  • Added support for CLI argument syntax at Request constructor.
  • Added optional arguments to request constructor for a tag and a query.
  • Added Communicator::isSeekableStream() and made Communicator::sendWordFromStream() use it.
  • Added ResponseCollection::prev() and ResponseCollection::end().
  • Changed the default value of the $value of Message::setArgument from NULL to an empty string.
  • Changed ResponseCollection::getLast() to return FALSE when the collection is empty.
  • Changed Request::setArgument() so that any invalid value is casted to string.
  • Changed Autoload.php to also autoload PEAR2_Net_Transmitter's autoloader if it's not already there.


$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Net_RouterOS-1.0.0b2
Status: 1.0.0b2 beta, released on October 16, 2011
License: LGPL License 2.1
Maintained: yes

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