PHP has built in support for various types of network streams, such as HTTP and TCP sockets. One problem that arises with them is the fact that a single fread/fwrite call might not read/write all the data you intended, regardless of whether you're in blocking mode or not. While the PHP manual offers a workaround in the form of a loop with a few variables, using it every single time you want to read/write can be tedious.

This package abstracts this away, so that when you want to get exactly N amount of bytes, you can be sure the upper levels of your app will be dealing with N bytes. Oh, and the functionality is nicely wrapped in an object (but that's just the icing on the cake).

Release Notes - 1.0.0a4

  • Support for encrypted connections. Note that due to known issues with PHP itself, encrypted connections may be unstable (as in "sometimes disconnect suddenly" or "sometimes hang when calling TcpClient::isDataAwaiting() without a timeout").
  • Stream::isAcceptingData() and Stream::isDataAwaiting() now accept an optional timeout, modeled after stream_select().
  • Changed sending to retry indefinetly unless the connection is broken, thanks to isDataAwaiting()'s new ability. Receiving can still timeout.
  • Chnaged the PHAR stub to not fail when reading the hash fails.
  • Doc and CS fixes.


$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Net_Transmitter-1.0.0a4
Status: 1.0.0a4 alpha, released on August 15, 2013
License: LGPL License 2.1
Maintained: yes

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Dependencies for PEAR2_Net_Transmitter

  • PHP ≥ 5.3.0