Pyrus provides the means to install and manage installations for packages built using package.xml version 2.0 or newer. Pyrus is redesigned from the ground up for PHP 5.3 or newer, and provides significant improvements over the older PEAR Installer.

To use Pyrus, you can download pyrus.phar from the PEAR2 website, and execute it from the command line: $ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Templates_Savant-alpha

You can also install PEAR2_Pyrus to access the API for installing and managing packages. Once installed, a convenience script is available from the command line. $ pyrus install PEAR2_Templates_Savant-alpha

For more information, view the documentation at:

Release Notes - 2.0.0a2

Second alpha release


  • If install fails due to unknown channel, ask to discover [saltybeagle]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed minimum PHP version checks in Channel\RemotePackage [gauthierm]
  • Add SQLite3 as a required extension [saltybeagle]
  • Fix bin/pyrus script [saltybeagle]
  • Loop when discovering a channel twice [boekkooi]
  • Docs directory should use channel/package not package/channel [saltybeagle]

Initial pyrus public API


$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Pyrus-2.0.0a2
Status: 2.0.0a2 alpha, released on January 8, 2011
License: New BSD License
Maintained: yes

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