Unlike other template systems, Savant by default does not compile your templates into PHP; instead, it uses PHP itself as its template language so you don't need to learn a new markup system.

Release Notes - 0.2.0


  • Change namespace from pear2 to PEAR2
  • Add renderNull for rendering a template with null context
  • Fix parent context assignment

Changes for filtered context output: - Implement the Countable interface for filtered context - Allow accessing the raw proxied object with getRawObject() - Ensure traversable/iterated context is filtered - Add __toString() support for filtered context - Change raw variable acccess to getRaw() to match symfony and Zend Framework View 2.0 proposed syntax - Add __isset and __unset for checking context when output is filtered

Package PEAR2_Templates_Savant API release notes for version 0.1.0.


$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Templates_Savant-0.2.0
Status: 0.2.0 alpha, released on May 23, 2010
License: New BSD License
Maintained: yes

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Dependencies for PEAR2_Templates_Savant

  • PHP ≥ 5.3.0