RouterOS is the flag product of the company MikroTik and is a powerful router software. One of its many abilities is to allow control over it via an API. This package provides a client for that API, in turn allowing you to use PHP to control RouterOS hosts.

Release Notes - 1.0.0b5

Console, some overall improvements, including BREAKING CHANGES.

  • The PHAR file is now also a console. When installed, the console is available from the executable "roscon".
    • Response::getArgument() is renamed to Response::getProperty() (Note: Request::getArgument() is still valid). Response::getArgument() is left issuing an E_USER_DEPRECATED notice, and will be removed in a later release.
    • Message::getAllArguments() is removed in favor of IteratorAggregate implementation that returns an ArrayObject. For most intents and purposes, you should be able to just search&replace "->getAllArguments()" with an empty string (that will implicitly call getIterator()). If you require the arguments as a "real" array, you can replace "->getAllArguments()" with "->getIterator()->getArrayCopy()".
    • Message::__invoke() without arguments is now a shortcut for getTag() instead of getting all arguments.
    • Util::changeMenu() is now renamed to Util::setMenu() and always returns the Util object itself.
    • ResponseCollection::__invoke() without arguments (or NULL) is now a shortcut for getting the iterator of the current response, instead of for seeking to the last response. Replace "()" with "(-1)" or "->end()" to achieve the old effect.
    • ResponseCollection::getLast() is removed. To get the last response, you can instead use array access (or offsetGet()) with "-1" as the offset. Or simply search&replace "->getLast()" with "->offsetGet(-1)".
    • ResponseCollection::getArgumentMap() is renamed to ResponseCollection::getPropertyMap().
    • All Query::ACTION_* constants are renamed to Query::OP_*, and shortened (GREATHER_THAN is now GT, etc.).
  • New Util methods:
    • getMenu() (serves the same purpose as previously Util::changeMenu() with an emptry string)
    • getAll()
    • count() (makes Util an implementation of Countable, reports the number of items at the current menu)
    • prepareScript()
    • appendScript()
  • Message now implements Countable, reporting the number of arguments (on COUNTER_NORMAL) or words (on COUNT_RECURSIVE).
  • Util::get() now uses RouterOS' "get" command, unless it returns an empty !done response (as it does for RouterOS versions prior to 6.0), in which case it automatically fallbacks to a print with a query.
  • Util::escapeValue() and Util::parseValue() now support associative arrays (introduced in RouterOS 6.2).
  • Util::escapeValue() now correctly converts DateTime objects to DateInterval objects relative to UNIX epoch time in UTC. Previously, the current time zone was used instead of UTC.
  • Util::add() and Util::set()/Util::edit() now support flags as values with a numeric key.
  • Util::filePutContents() now behaves correctly when the underlying Client has enabled streaming of responses and/or when the contents is in a stream.
  • Responses in ResponseCollection can now be getted or seeked to a value relative from the end by supplying a negative offset.
  • ResponseCollection can now be searched by argument values, if you first designate an argument name with the new ResponseCollection::setIndex() method.
  • ResponseCollection can now produce a sorted response collection based on user defined criteria using the new ResponseCollection::orderBy() method.
  • Util::find() now always returns a comma separated list when used without arguments (as opposed to ";" separated, in more recent RouterOS versions).
  • Response receiving now resets if an empty sentence is received, instead of throwing an exception.
  • New Communicator::seekableStreamLength() method, used internally by Util::filePutContents().
  • Doc fixes (Notably: Clarified the acceptability of seekable streams as argument values, which has been present for a long time, but never documented).
  • CS fixes.



$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Net_RouterOS
Status: 1.0.0b5 beta, released on November 2, 2014
License: LGPL License 2.1

Release History

1.0.0b5 beta November 2, 2014
1.0.0b4 beta August 15, 2013
1.0.0b3 beta August 3, 2012
1.0.0b2 beta October 16, 2011
1.0.0b1 beta September 27, 2011

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