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Bug #13641 iconv_mime_encode seems to work different/errorious than the build in logic
Submitted: 2008-04-10 16:11 UTC
From: janslabon Assigned: alec
Status: Closed Package: Mail_Mime (version 1.5.2)
PHP Version: 5.2.5 OS: Linux / Gentoo
Roadmaps: 1.5.3    

 [2008-04-10 16:11 UTC] janslabon (Jan Slabon)
Description: ------------ When using the iconv_mime_encode function with a long subject several email clients (or the email servers?) will destroy the header if they include own header lines. We could reproduce this on and on a lotus notes server. If we use "ignore-iconv" => true in the build_params the error didn't occurs. Test script: --------------- require_once('Mail/mime.php'); $mime =& new Mail_mime("\n"); $subject = '“This is a long text” and will force the subject to be on several lines.'; $build_params = array( "html_charset" => "UTF-8", "text_charset" => "UTF-8", "head_charset" => "UTF-8" ); $body = $mime->get($build_params); $hdrs = $mime->headers(array('Subject' => $subject)); print_r($hdrs); $build_params["ignore-iconv"] = true; $body = $mime->get($build_params); $hdrs = $mime->headers(array('Subject' => $subject)); print_r($hdrs); Actual result: -------------- To: Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=9CThis=20is=20a=20long=20text=E2=80=9D=20and?= X-MIMETrack: Itemize by SMTP Server on XXXXX/XXXX/XXX(Release 7.0.3|September 26, 2007) at 09.04.2008 17:14:56, Serialize by Notes Client on XXX XXX/AAAA/BBB(Release 6.0.1CF1|March 04, 2003) at 09.04.2008 17:22:45, Serialize complete at 09.04.2008 17:22:45 From: Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 17:14:56 +0200 Message-ID: <OF4B32EFF7.0B8CCA74-ONC1257426.0053C403@LocalDomain> =?UTF-8?Q?=20will=20force=20the=20subject=20to=20be=20on=20several=20li?= =?UTF-8?Q?nes.?= MIME-Version: 1.0


 [2008-12-27 19:08 UTC] avb (Alexey Borzov)
Considering this and bug #11238, iconv_mime_encode() should probably be disabled by default.
 [2009-12-21 14:24 UTC] alec (Aleksander Machniak)
-Status: Open +Status: Closed -Assigned To: +Assigned To: alec -Roadmap Versions: +Roadmap Versions: 1.5.3
This bug has been fixed in SVN. If this was a documentation problem, the fix will appear on by the end of next Sunday (CET). If this was a problem with the website, the change should be live shortly. Otherwise, the fix will appear in the package's next release. Thank you for the report and for helping us make PEAR better.