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Bug #3448 Slackware 10.1 - kernel 2.6.7
Submitted: 2005-02-12 22:55 UTC
From: igorvc at ig dot com dot br Assigned:
Status: Bogus Package: XML_Serializer
PHP Version: 4.3.10 OS: Linux
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 [2005-02-12 22:55 UTC] igorvc at ig dot com dot br
Description: ------------ Hi all! I'm using PEAR XML_Serializer version 0.15.0. First I cannot install this pakage with pear install XML_Serializer-0.15.0.tgz, because they report that: >root@placa:/some/directory/pear-pcts# pear install XML_Serializer-0.15.0.tgz >requires package `XML_Parser' >= 1.2.1 >XML_Serializer: Dependencies failed > But I have the XML_Parser package version 1.2.4 instaled! So, I "forced" the instalation extrating the tgz files and coping them to /usr/lib/php/XML. Finally I start to testing this package using the XML_Serializer, and it workd well. But, when I start to work with Unserialize class I have this problem: >Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sethandlerobj() in /usr/lib/php/XML/Unserializer.php on line 562 I went to this file and saw what happened, and there we have this line: >$this->_parser->setHandlerObj($this); I looked in Parse.php but I didn't found no function or reference to this "setHandlerObj"... That's It !!! Reproduce code: --------------- <?php // Set error reporting to ignore notices error_reporting (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); // Include XML_Unserializer require_once 'XML/Unserializer.php'; // Instantiate the serializer with pass ok !!! $Unserializer = & new XML_Unserializer(); // The problem is here !!! $result = $Unserializer->unserialize("chapter.xml", true); $data = $Unserializer->getUnserializedData(); print_r($data); ?> Expected result: ---------------- That return and print $data !!! Actual result: -------------- Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sethandlerobj() in /usr/lib/php/XML/Unserializer.php on line 562


 [2005-02-13 12:45 UTC] schst
Seems that your PEAR installation is borked, otherwise the installer should not complain. The method you are referring to exists since XML_Parser 1.2.0beta3
 [2005-02-22 19:27 UTC] duff at ggwebs dot com
I'm getting the same error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: sethandlerobj() in /usr/local/lib/php/XML/Unserializer.php on line 562 I've upgraded all my packages. XML_Parser is v. 1.2.4
 [2005-02-23 10:20 UTC] schst
That probably means, that the included file is not the one installed by PEAR. Please take a look at your include path and check the files located there.
 [2005-03-24 20:10 UTC] pajin at bkn dot cz
I got the same error, when I upgraded php4 installation on my Debian Sarge machine.I did make XML_Serializer uninstall(pear uninstall XML_Serializer), but once I want to install it again, I got the same error like you <pre> >requires package `XML_Parser' >= 1.2.1 >XML_Serializer: Dependencies failed </pre> Upgraded to XML_Parser version 1.2.5 helped me and now I can install XML_Serializer once again. Error with XML_Serializer on line 562 disappear and everything is runnig well. <br> Sorry for my English :-))<br> <br> pajin
 [2005-04-28 22:05 UTC] yourdog at poboxes dot com
I just got similar stuff today when I updated by debian. 'pear upgrade-all' fixed it for me.