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Bug #6330 fatal error on line 122 of db.php
Submitted: 2005-12-22 16:29 UTC
From: info at darrencampbell dot com dot au Assigned: quipo
Status: Closed Package: Mail_Queue
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 [2005-12-22 16:29 UTC] info at darrencampbell dot com dot au
Description: ------------ Not sure what is going on. That's why I am reporting this bug. I just see this in my cron email. I wish I could provide more information to help but this is all I get. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: quote() in /home/www/ on line 122 Test script: --------------- I don't know how to write a test script. Expected result: ---------------- I don't expect to see an error. Actual result: -------------- Fatal error: Call to undefined function: quote() in /home/www/ on line 122


 [2005-12-22 22:04 UTC] quipo
which version are you using? Can you try the latest CVS one?
 [2005-12-22 22:36 UTC] info at darrencampbell dot com dot au
Thank you for the quick response. I have downloaded the CVS versions and am trying them. Hopefully my client won't receive any further errors in cron and I can get back to Christmas :-) Let me know if you need anything.
 [2005-12-23 08:27 UTC] quipo
> Let me know if you need anything. yep, one thing: if you can confirm that the CVS version works fine, please close this bug report :-) Thanks for your help and happy Xmas!
 [2005-12-23 15:05 UTC] info at darrencampbell dot com dot au
The new file versions didn't fix the error.
 [2005-12-23 15:41 UTC] quipo
what's the line of the error? Did you upgrade all the Mail_Queue files or just db.php? Have you checked for db connection problems just after the call to the constructor?
 [2005-12-23 16:03 UTC] info at darrencampbell dot com dot au
My client sent me notification that cron is now sending him a change history web page. What is going on? Here is the section of code used: include_once './mail_queue_config.php'; /* How many mails could we send each time the script is called */ $max_amount_mails = 50; /* we use the db_options and mail_options from the mail_queue_config */ $mail_queue =& new Mail_Queue($db_options, $mail_options); /* really sending the messages */ $mail_queue->sendMailsInQueue($max_amount_mails);
 [2005-12-23 18:18 UTC] info at darrencampbell dot com dot au
Ok I'm foolish. I have replaced the files with the CVS history logs instead of the sourcecode. I have since replaced the files with the sourcecode. Now to wait and see if the error surfaces.
 [2006-03-01 11:33 UTC] quipo
any news? Can I close this bug report?
 [2006-06-16 18:10 UTC] secret at non-existent dot com (Mil)
This bug still exists. I've tried checking out v1.1.4 from the CVS and that doesn't help.
 [2006-06-17 10:01 UTC] quipo (Lorenzo Alberton)
can you add these lines at the beginning of the _preload() function? ============================================== if (!is_a($this->db, 'DB_common')) { return new Mail_Queue_Error(MAILQUEUE_ERROR_CANNOT_CONNECT, $this->pearErrorMode, E_USER_ERROR, __FILE__, __LINE__, 'db connection lost'; } ============================================== it looks like $this->db does no longer hold a valid db connection...
 [2006-10-20 16:40 UTC] quipo (Lorenzo Alberton)
so, was it a "dropped connection" issue? Can I close this report or do you have something to add?
 [2007-10-01 16:01 UTC] lumomm (Lu Momm)
This problem seems to be still alive. I discovered that this has something to do with the error message “too many connections”. The MDB2 container or Mail_queue isn’t closing the DB connection properly. Every time I run the queue I see there is an additional MySQL process created, though sleeping but not appreciated. I think this error can be replicated by setting the max connections of the MySQL to < 5. Or do a SHOWPROCESS after a queue run. Info: PEAR mail_queue version 1.2.1 and MDB2 2.4.1 **** Cron error *** PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: quote() in /usr/share/pear/Mail/Queue/Container/db.php on line 122 **
 [2007-10-22 21:42 UTC] quipo (Lorenzo Alberton)
I've added a check for a valid DB connection in _preload(). Please fetch the CVS version and retry. TIA.
 [2008-03-05 15:15 UTC] teakcreek (Pil Minky)
I am the provebial 'noob' in regard to PEAR but i am getting a similar error in mdb2.php , line 109 error reads (slight edit): Fatal error: Call to undefined function: quote() in /home/content/x/x/x/pxxxxxe/html/pear/PEAR/Mail/Queue /Container/mdb2.php on line 109 it's a shared host, (my) 'local' version of PEAR installed yesterday with zero problems via go-pear.php (4th March 2008) versions: PEAR Base System 1.7.1 (stable) Mail_Queue 1.2.1 (stable) Can you confirm -in gentle noob terms- that this is definitely a connection issue? If so, how can i test to find out what the exact problem is? an error saying that the function is undefined is not all that helpful. It may be that i'm doing something dum, but apart from that it still seems that somewhere along the line this error is not being caught properly and that kinda is what's making me send this... naw... actually i'd just really like to know how to fix it :p Cheers pk