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Roadmap for Package ScriptReorganizer

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Version 1.0.0RC1 (edit|delete)

Scheduled Release Date: 2007-12-31 (-5568 days!!)
Release Goals:
Enhance/Refactor the package as follows:

- Introduce AOP [] to improve the modularity of the code base.

- Implement the concept of an exception list for avoiding the processing of files' imports, which
  can change independently from the code base at any time.

- Drop the (optional) dependency on the PEAR package PHP_Archive in favour of the PHP
  extension Phar.

- Update the (optional) dependency to comply with the newest PHP extension bcompiler version.

- Upgrade the/Add further unit tests to run with PHPUnit 3.1.0 [].

- Improve the documentation/manual.

- Further goals t.b.a.


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