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Class: Auth_SASL_Anonymous

Source Location: /Auth_SASL-1.0.6/Auth/SASL/Anonymous.php

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Common functionality to SASL mechanisms



  • 1.0


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Class: Auth_SASL_Common

Function which implements HMAC-SHA-1 digest

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Common functionality to SASL mechanisms

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getResponse   [line 66]

string getResponse( [string $token = ''])

Not much to do here except return the token supplied.

No encoding, hashing or encryption takes place for this mechanism, simply one of:

  • An email address
  • An opaque string not containing "@" that can be interpreted by the sysadmin
  • Nothing
We could have some logic here for the second option, but this would by no means create something interpretable.

  • Return: The unaltered input token


string   $token   —  Optional email address or string to provide as trace information.

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