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Title:Optimize Wordpress Internal Caching

This is not a post about WP-Cache>/a> The plugin. This is a post about wordpress own internal caching mechanism — WP-Cache functions and WP_Object_Cache class. The function used alot inside wordpress for making extensive function calls. The only shame is that the cache is not persistent between request. So, every request will have to generate its cache again. What I'm attempting to do, is implementing persistent cache that last between request.

Weblog:onli blogging
Zwei verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Zuordnung von Titel zu einer URL zu speichern, also von Key zu Data. Das ergibt jeweils einen sehr simplen Cache für Variablen. Zum einen APC:function get_cached_title($url) { return apc_fetch($url); } function ca
Title:PEAR Cache_Lite 1.7.3 release
This is my first release for PEAR Cache_Lite. In March I took over the vacant developer position for this package as I am using it for many projects. After some initial hesitation, David nudged me to use cvs. I did — and 1.7.3 is the result. It...
Weblog:marky moo's blog
Title:More on Website Performance Improvements
Lately I've been looking at improving the performance of BritBlog, and I think I now have quite a satisfactory solution. As you may recall, I've been looking at using content compression and content caching. Content (HTTP) Compression The cont...
Weblog:marky moo's blog
Title:Using PEAR Cache_Lite
Cache_Lite is a PHP PEAR package designed for caching stuff. As the project description puts is: This package is a little cache system optimized for file containers. It is fast and safe (because it uses file locking and/or anti-corruption tests). ...
Weblog:Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp
Title:S9Y Tuning
Nachdem der Shopblogger mit dem zweiten Provider Ärger hatte wegen der Systemlast, die seine S9Y-Installation erzeugt, habe ich heute einmal meine eigene S9Y-Installation untersucht. Es eröffnen sich gleich mehrere Optimierungsmöglichkeiten: 1. S9Y is
Weblog:Robert Peake
Title:High Performance PHP
Having ploughed through writing my upcoming article for PHP Magazine on "Farming PHP" I am still motivated to think deeply about PHP in the enterprise and, specifically, under high volumes of web traffic. Having come through several industries in a variet
Weblog:a work on process
Title:Technorati API Updates
I've finally found time to make some changes to Services_Technorati. The key issue I'd been wanting to address was caching and following comments from Doug Clifton and Ryan King I finally got round to working on it. I've decided to make use of another PEA