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Class: DB_QueryTool_Result

Source Location: /DB_QueryTool-1.1.2/QueryTool/Result.php

Class Overview

DB_QueryTool_Result class



  • 2003-2007 Wolfram Kriesing, Paolo Panto, Lorenzo Alberton


Child classes:

DB_QueryTool_Result_Object class

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DB_QueryTool_Result class

This result actually contains the 'data' itself, the number of rows returned and some additional info using ZE2 you can also get retrieve data from the result doing the following: <DB_QueryTool_Common-instance>->getAll()->getCount() or <DB_QueryTool_Common-instance>->getAll()->getData()

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Method Detail

DB_QueryTool_Result (Constructor)   [line 97]

DB_QueryTool_Result DB_QueryTool_Result( array $data)

create a new instance of result with the data returned by the query


array   $data   —  the data returned by the result

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fetchRow   [line 243]

void fetchRow( )

This function emulates PEAR::DB fetchRow() method.

With this method, DB_QueryTool can transparently replace PEAR_DB

  • Todo: implement fetchmode support?
  • Access: public

Overridden in child classes as:

This function emulates PEAR::DB fetchRow() method With this function DB_QueryTool can transparently replace PEAR::DB

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getCount   [line 141]

integer getCount( )

return the number of rows returned
  • Return: the number of rows returned
  • Author: Wolfram Kriesing <wolfram@kriesing.de>
  • Version: 2002/07/11
  • Access: public

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getData   [line 159]

array|PEAR_Error getData( [string $key = null])

get all the data returned


string   $key   —  key of the data to retrieve

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getFirst   [line 183]

mixed getFirst( )

get the first result set we are not using next, current, and reset, since those ignore keys which are empty or 0

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getNext   [line 203]

mixed getNext( )

Get next result set. If getFirst() has never been called before, it calls that method.
  • Access: public

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hasMore   [line 224]

boolean hasMore( )

check if there are other rows
  • Access: public

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numRows   [line 125]

integer numRows( )

return the number of rows returned. This is an alias for getCount().
  • Access: public

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