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Class: XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value_Datetime

Source Location: /XML_RPC2-1.1.2/XML/RPC2/Backend/Php/Value/Datetime.php

Class Overview


XML_RPC datetime value class. Instances of this class represent datetime scalars in XML_RPC



  • 2004-2006 Sergio Carvalho


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Class: XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value

Decode an encoded value and build the applicable XML_RPC2_Value subclass
Choose a XML_RPC2_Value subclass appropriate for the given value and create it.
nativeValue property getter
nativeValue setter

Class: XML_RPC2_Value

Factory method that constructs the appropriate XML-RPC encoded type value

Class Details

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XML_RPC datetime value class. Instances of this class represent datetime scalars in XML_RPC

To work on a compatible way with the xmlrpcext backend, we introduce a particular "nativeValue" which is a standard class (stdclass) with three public properties : scalar => the iso8601 date string timestamp => the corresponding timestamp (int) xmlrpc_type => 'datetime'

The constructor can be called with a iso8601 string, with a timestamp or with a such object

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Method Detail

__construct (Constructor)   [line 79]

XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value_Datetime __construct( mixed $nativeValue)

Constructor. Will build a new XML_RPC2_Backend_Php_Value_Datetime with the given value

The provided value can be an int, which will be interpreted as a Unix timestamp, or a string in iso8601 format, or a "stdclass native value"


mixed   $nativeValue   —  a timestamp, an iso8601 date or a "stdclass native value"

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decode   [line 174]

void decode( mixed $xml)

Decode transport XML and set the instance value accordingly
  • Access: public


mixed   $xml   —  The encoded XML-RPC value,

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encode   [line 199]

string encode( )

Encode the instance into XML, for transport
  • Return: The encoded XML-RPC value,
  • Access: public

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