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Class: XML_RPC2_Backend_Xmlrpcext_Value

Source Location: /XML_RPC2-1.1.2/XML/RPC2/Backend/Xmlrpcext/Value.php

Class Overview

XML_RPC value class for the XMLRPCext backend.



  • 2004-2006 Sergio Carvalho


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XML_RPC value class for the XMLRPCext backend.

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Method Detail

createFromNative   [line 69]

mixed createFromNative( mixed $value, string $explicitType)

Factory method that constructs the appropriate XML-RPC encoded type value
  • Return: The encoded value
  • Access: public


mixed   $value   —  Value to be encode
string   $explicitType   —  Explicit XML-RPC type as enumerated in the XML-RPC spec (defaults to automatically selected type)

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