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  • Mika Tuupola  [2004-10-18 07:18 UTC]

    .phps links for the class source would be nice too for us lazy programmers.
  • Mika Tuupola  [2004-10-18 13:20 UTC]

    Some points found out strolling through the code.

    * Since constructor can't and should not return anything else but itself everything from Search_Mnogosearch() should be moved to connect(), then you can actually return the PEAR_Error on error.

    Otherwise I think it looks ok. Will test the code later.
  • Martin Jansen  [2004-10-20 13:57 UTC]

    I think the name of the result class should be Search_Mnogosearch_Result instead of Search_Mnogosearch_result. (This fits better with PEAR's naming scheme.)