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  • Stephan Schmidt  [2005-02-23 13:27 UTC]

    Nice package, but why do you need overloading at all for this class?

    If I interpret the code directly, a trackback always needs the same data. Why not store them as public properties directly?

    Would be faster and still provide the same interface.

    Just my 2 cts,

  • Tobias Schlitt  [2005-02-23 14:48 UTC]

    @Stephan: Fully agreed. I guess I will remove overloading completly instead of making it PHP5 compatible.
  • Justin Patrin  [2005-02-23 17:03 UTC]

    Thanks for removing the overloading, PHP4 overloading is very broken.

    In Trackback.php you have a constructor with some docblocks (and params) but no implementation. Looks like those params should be for the create function.

    The following is, of course, my opinion, but makes sense to me from a style perspective.

    I would suggest not using a heredoc in getResponseSuccess(). You only use single quotes in there so it would be very simple to just use double quotes instead of the heredoc.

    I also noticed that you used single quotes for your attributes in the <?xml sections. Why not use double quotes for the attributes and single quotes for the strings?

    Additionally, you're using double quotes for the strings in getResponseError() when single quotes would be sufficient.
  • Sebastian Nohn  [2005-02-23 18:57 UTC]

    I contacted the original author some weeks ago for the same issue:

    KOYAMA Tetsuji
    to Sebastian, tobias, Tadashi, php-blog-devs ...
    More options 12.01.05


    I'm author of Net_TrackBack, and sorry for my bad response.

    At Wed, 12 Jan 2005 09:20:53 +0100,
    Sebastian Nohn wrote:
    > >> As this works like a charm for me, I'm now sure, it's the time to do
    > >> that. Were there any comments about the "Namespace"? Networking (Net)
    > >> is IMHO the wrong one. Web Services (Services) would be the better
    > >> alternative in my eyes.
    > >
    > > Me personally would like to put it into "Services". Therefore I'd do a
    > > new proposal and (if nobody has something against), I would refactor it
    > > in merging it into my own concept. Would that be ok for everyone?
    > I agree on that. I still got no answer from Japan, so I think, this
    > project has lost focus for Koyama.

    I have still interest for this package. But it has no public release,
    because my hard work and little problems of my cvs account of
    and PEAR account's permission.

    My local release of Net_TrackBack is available:

    I agree too for change prefix Net -> Services, and merge Sebastian's

    KOYAMA Tetsuji BeatCraft, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.
  • Greg Beaver  [2005-03-01 17:18 UTC]

    Please put a channel.xml somewhere for when you're offline, I can't even install the stupid thing to fix bugs in pearweb without it (fortunately I can scrape together one from others I have lying around, but others didn't write the code for channels and won't know how to do that).

    You can do

    pear channel-discover

    and then

    pear install

    and installation will work just fine without need of the channel server.