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  • Mark Wiesemann  [2006-01-17 12:38 UTC]

    There are a few Coding Standard issues (line length, missing curly braces [*in toHtml() after if and else]).

    Apart from that: this a very nice improvement to HTML_QuickForm. You'll get +1 from me ...
  • Joshua Eichorn  [2006-01-17 17:02 UTC]

    One the JavaScript side I would prefer that all the functions were in a single hash so there was less name space pollution.

    var HQF_Livesearch = {
    functionName: function() {
    functionName2: function() {

    Also if possible I would prefer to see the BSD license as opposed to the PHP, but if your using PHP to match HTML_Quickform then will just have to live with it.

    Finally in your example drop server.php you can use auto_server.php for all of it.
  • Joshua Eichorn  [2006-01-17 18:07 UTC]

    You'll need to work on your packing quite a bit yet, your php class should be in Livesearch.php i belive not form_live.php.

    Also I installed the newest example on my server:

    I think you have some css problems, it would be good to get rid of that extra offset were seeing.

    Also it looks like your sending a search through with an empty string, you might want to make that optional.