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  • Till Klampaeckel  [2009-07-06 19:32 UTC]

    Good stuff, Bill! (With no offense to someone else out there on the Intarwebs, but) A great OpenID implementation in PHP is long due. ;-)
  • Alexey Borzov  [2009-11-01 13:30 UTC]

    Are there any issues in HTTP_Request2 that prevent using it here and require using PHP4 HTTP_Request instead?
  • Bill Shupp  [2009-11-01 17:22 UTC]

    Alexey: Yes. From the proposal description: "HTTP_Request is used instead of HTTP_Request2 because following redirects was not included in HTTP_Request2...". However, I do need ssl peer/host verification, and I'm not sure if HTTP_Request even supports that at this time. So something needs to change.