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  • Tobias Schlitt  [2004-04-27 20:31 UTC]

    Please rename that to File::PDF.
  • Jon Parise  [2004-04-27 20:53 UTC]

    Yes, File_PDF in the "File Formats" category makes the most sense.
  • Jon Parise  [2004-04-27 21:02 UTC]

    Also, you might want to consider removing gettext support and the associated extension dependency. Those strings are only used in error messages, and the trend in PEAR thus far has been to leave error messages unlocalized.
  • Alexander Wirtz  [2004-04-27 21:30 UTC]

    Could you please sum up the differencies between FPDF and your class, besides introducing a factory method? Otherwise it might be hard to see the motivation for this class (no intention to sound negative here!)
  • Alan Knowles  [2004-04-27 23:40 UTC]

    have you discussed this with the author of FPDF - from what I remember he was at least interested in getting FPDF into pear.

    I'm not sure on when this was forked from FPDF - (eg. FPDF is still being improved) so there may be features that need moving across.
  • Greg Beaver  [2004-04-28 01:15 UTC]

    This package would be very useful for phpDocumentor's PDF converter. However, without the ability to output a table of contents with ilinks, and an index, it won't be useful. Do you plan to implement a mechanism by which this can be done?
  • Marko Djukic  [2004-04-28 03:43 UTC]

    - Changed the package name and removed gettext
    - The functionality differences between FPDF and File_PDF at the moment are negligible. A lot has been the done to bring the code up to Horde/PEAR standards. My immediate goals for File_PDF are to break it up into an object approach (not have one monster do-it-all class), and implement tables and forms.
    - It is based on version 1.51 and it seems that the latest 1.52 FPDF code has only minor bugfixes/tweaks, but I'll work those in and I still have some outstanding improvements to merge.
    - I have discussed this with Olivier. Overall he did not seem interested in PEAR, but had nothing against it.
  • Marko Djukic  [2004-04-28 03:47 UTC]

    Oh and as an answer to Greg, yes table of contents/index links functionality is something I'm greatly missing too. So looking to implement that as soon as I get a chance.
  • Tobias Schlitt  [2004-04-28 05:13 UTC]

    Would you mind providing some PHPS example and it's result?