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  • Christian Weiske  [2011-02-25 16:55 UTC]

    That's definitely something I want to see in PEAR.
  • Daniel O'Connor  [2011-07-09 14:29 UTC]

    Are you still working on this proposal? If so; you might want to run PHP_CodeSniffer over your code - there's a few things in there which need looking at.


    if( ! isset($top[$top_key]))
    $top[$top_key] = &$elem; // Link into the level above

    or comparisons like
    $top_key != ''

    instead of !empty.
  • Till Klampaeckel  [2011-07-11 16:59 UTC]

    Can you let us know when you worked on the suggestions Daniel had? I'll take a look as well.