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  • Till Klampaeckel  [2012-01-05 19:31 UTC]

    You updated the code from the last proposal? :)

    Just looked at it briefly – I think the only thing I find is that I'd like to see the set*() methods to be public. It would allow people to re-configure the object at runtime after it has been setup the first time.

    Use-case: query members from multiple lists, or run unsubscribe for one email on multiple lists (e.g. "subscribe me from all").

    Otherwise, looks good to me. I don't remember what other feedback there was the last time. Maybe incorporate that in the description of the proposal.

    Good job,
  • James Wade  [2012-01-05 22:09 UTC]


    Previous proposal:

    Changes since last proposal can be seen here:

    You'll notice that I've now set all the setters as public rather than protected.

    "Maybe incorporate that in the description of the proposal." ... Include what sorry?