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  • Michael Wallner  [2004-05-13 08:55 UTC]

    Are there any differences to Text_Highlight? If, then could they be joined together?
    Perhaps just have a look at that one beforehand.

  • Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson  [2004-05-13 08:55 UTC]

    maybe you should try to work with Davey, since he also proposed the same thing and it has gotten accepted
    but nothing has been released yet and he talked about rewritting the whole thing.
    Would probly be in everyones intrest if you two would try to make something togather ;)
  • Firman Wandayandi  [2004-05-13 09:20 UTC]

    I suggest that you merge your package with Davey's Text_Highlight, because your package has same purpose. Contact davey and work together.
  • Davey Shafik  [2004-05-13 09:32 UTC]

    Wow, This is a nice piece of work. I've yet to look at the code, because I'm too lazy to download the .tgz and unpack it - could you add highlighted source to the docs?

    I love the idea of the generator, the XML syntax seems very neat and capable to describe a lot of things. And even the generated PHP Code seems reasonable :)

    If this package comes with as many default highlighters as Text_Highlight - I am more than happy to see this succeed over that package. I would like to work with you to make sure that all the functionality I wanted in Text_Highlight is still there (i.e. static calling of each highlighter)

    Off-Topic: I would love to learn how to do the Tutorials in the phpDocumetor generated docs, guess I'll find out when I see the source :)

    - Davey
  • Jon Parise  [2004-05-14 01:25 UTC]

    I like this package much more than the Text_Highlight package that has already been proposed. Nice work!

    There are some coding standards issues, but they can be resolved before the package is introduced into PEAR.
  • Bertrand Mansion  [2004-05-14 19:05 UTC]

    Very cool stuff !

    A few comments :

    - The generated code has weird (MS-DOS ?) line endings. You might want to encode your Generator.php file to use Unix line feeds.

    - CS: use spaces before and after =, ==, commas, ?, :, etc.

    - A few notices: toplevel is undeclared, undefined index for never-contained and contains-all in the generator.

    - You might want to make the generator a CLI tool so that it is easier to use. Have a look at my Console_Getargs package for the options ;)

    - Rendering: I don't like the generated HTML very much. Using <font> tags is outdated. You might consider to use an external renderer (see HTML_Menu for example) and use <span> with a css is certainly better solution. I suggest you have a look at how Horde is handling the line numbers in Chora (see for examples). The problem with using <li> is that they will be selected when user want to copy/paste code. Also remember that a lot of users use <pre> to display code.

    I have been able to write the XML for an highlighter for Objective-C source code in half an hour, I will contribute it if you want when it is ready. Thanks for this nice package :)
  • Arnaud Limbourg  [2004-05-20 07:42 UTC]

    very neat !