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  • Alan Knowles  [2004-06-16 03:29 UTC]

    This does raise a few questions (a little unrelated to the package)
    Is it highly reusable if
    a) it forces you to use PHP5
    b) it forces you to use exceptions

    Makes me wonder if we should use .php5 for php5 only code? - that way if someone wants to implement a php4 version of the same package it would be feasible, without having to have multiple packages. (or visa-versa) use .php4 for php4 compatible code in a php5 focused package)..
  • Christian Wenz  [2004-06-16 07:30 UTC]

    Nice proposal!
    Some thoughts:
    * maybe there is a way to combine your efforts and those of Net_Geo. Last time I tried the public service Net_Geo was using had some problems but this should be resolved by now.
    * is there a way to make the class compatible with PHP4?
  • Yavor Shahpasov  [2004-06-16 07:54 UTC]

    It would be nice to have support for this too
  • Mika Tuupola  [2004-06-16 08:44 UTC]

    Concerning the ip-to-country support:
  • Jan Schneider  [2004-06-16 08:49 UTC]

    Just FYI, for a PHP4 compatible PEARified version of MaxMind's code, take a look at:
  • Tomas V.V.Cox  [2004-06-17 15:57 UTC]

    I'd vote +1 only if the class is able to handle a minimum of 15 reqs/s.
  • Stefan Neufeind  [2004-06-20 16:43 UTC]

    I think it would be nice to have this added. But maybe it could function as an abstraction via various databases available for basic information?