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I think this is a very useful package, I can see myself using it pretty soon. :) Thanks for proposing it and putting so much work into it.

Here are some suggestions:
* Some of the conditionals (if/else) could be improved/simplyfied.
* DOM creation should be checked (imho).
* DOM should be added to the required extensions (in package.xml).
* Loading HTTP_Request should be double checked too, with just an include_once it will fail silently and make the code fatal later on.
(* Is HTTP_Request really just optional?)
* I'd suggest that you use single quotes instead of double quotes where possible.
* There is an empty catch{} block in File_Sitemap_Index::add(), is that on purpose?
* You could make use of the @package_version@ which is defined in package.xml.
* zlib should be added to the required extensions (in package.xml).
* Please move all global constants (defined in Sitemap/Exception.php) into class constants.
* I'd replace is_null() with !== null, it's less expensive, since it saves a function call.
* cfArray in Sitemap::parseChangefreq() could be a static