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  • Voter: Michael Gauthier 
  • Vote: +1 (not conditional)
  • Reviews: Deep source review
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Hi Ken,

This package looks awesome. It must have been a lot of work to write. My vote is not conditional, but I have some feedback after reviewing the code:

1.) Why not Services_OpenStreetMap with CamelCase?

2.) Have a package-specific InvalidArgumentException subclass.

3.) Way::osmChangeXML() method name is confusing. Maybe Way::amendXML() or Way::amendChangeXML()?

4.) Class docs should have @throws tags where appropriate.

5.) @access tags should be removed since this is PHP5 code.

6.) Some files use a mix of under_scores and camelCase for variable names. (ex. Config.php). Should consistify this. I'd opt for camelCase.

7.) Some method names use Xml and some use XML. Should be consistified.

8.) Criterion::__construct needs better docs. I have no idea how to use it by reading the code.

9.) Package.xml says this requires 5.3. I couldn't see anything obvious that would prevent it from running in 5.2

10.) The custom autoloader should be optional. As far as I remember, PEAR1 code should still use require_once statements. If an autoloader is used, it should be optional in case projects are using their own PSR-0 capable autoloader.

11.) There are some very small issues that could be picked up with phpcs.

12.) I like how the package can support multiple API versions.

13.) Thanks for writing tests already!