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  • Voter: Bertrand Mansion 
  • Vote: -1 (not conditional)
  • Reviews: Cursory source review
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I vote -1 because your code is not ready yet, in my opinion.

Have a look at :

- accessors methods to set/get options in drivers
- call_user_func_array instead of eval()
- You might use __invoke() instead of your first function
- use an autoloader for drivers or you can load all drivers at once instead of hidding require_once in methods, and get rid of isExistingClass...
- follow pear coding standards
- use an interface for drivers and maybe a common abstract class
- spelling mistakes in sqlite driver
- isExistingClass ? heard of
- define property and methods scopes explicitly
- rename $this->method to $this->driver or storage
- don't die(), use Exceptions or trigger_error
- have each driver define the options it needs, not the main class
- clean up your code at the bottom of the class
- You might have to rename your class if you want it to fit PEAR standards (there is already 2 cache packages in pear)
I haven't looked at the drivers code, there might be things to fix there too.